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  • 1 REPA

    REPA Inc. aims to contribute positively to the planning process in ways which will preserve the rural amenity of the district which now comprises the major part of the Pullenvale Ward. REPA Inc. is a community-based planning association which has been active in the Brookfield-Pullenvale- Moggill area, and adjoining rural suburbs, since 1973.
  • 2 Development Applications for properties in Moggill

    There are currently (mid-2015) several development applications for properties in Moggill that are located within a "Koala Assessable Development Area" (KADA). These are subject to certain regulations regarding vegetation clearing. REPA considers that all the remaining koala habitat in Moggill needs to be preserved if the koala population there is to be retained. REPA has objected to several subdivision proposals.
  • 3 Putting Back the Forest

    Now freely available online, Putting Back the Forest is a landcare guide for the semi-rural district of Brookfield, Pullenvale and Moggill. This guide provides practical advice on selecting, planting and caring for plants native to the area. Trees, shrubs, vines and ferns are all detailed with illustrations in this wonderful guide.
  • 4 Illegal Dumping

    There have been various reports of illegal dumping in our district. Please report any illegal dumping to the City Council Call Centre, 3403 8888. It’s available 24/7. The State Government has an online reporting capacity at https://www.ehp.qld.gov.au/waste/illegal_dumping_litter.html . The website also has some useful information about Government initiatives to combat littering and illegal dumping.
  • 5 REPA Membership

    REPA's is a voluntary organisation committed to maintaining a rural residential lifestyle. In the past members have contributed financially as an annual subscription which REPA uses to support legal actions. Some members have also contributed their skills for the benefit of the organisation. In the past this has included free or discounted environmental evaluation and legal representation.
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